Jul 27

upcoming event German Nationals 2016 hosted in Marburg

cross the fingers be a fan! Start at 04.08. early morning. 

We give our best to be in the National Team in 2017/2018.

Jul 27

Motions from the POST Luxembourg Balloon Trophy 2016

Jul 09

5. Open Air Kino Maxdorf

Ballonstart anlässlich des 5. Open Air Kino Events in Maxdorf.

Danke an Horst Klein uns sein Team, hat viel Spaß gemacht.

Jul 08

Strandbadfest Frankenthal

Jul 04

Ballooning over Kirchheim am Neckar

nice flight with Blaser Swisslube Customers. Slow winds at Ground and high speed in FL100.

Landing spot in Abstadt City 😎


Jul 02

We did it right

Jul 02

Ballooning and Weather

yes we need good weather but if Pilots have a good contact to Petrus we make it happen!

Ballooning is adventure! 

do you like adventures?

Contact us!

Jul 01

Ballooning makes happy

flying with the elements see the nature.

Ballooning is 100% Teambuilding! 

Sharing with friends and your colleges!

Ballooning makes HAPPY! 

Not sure? than try it 

Jul 01

flying moments

Flight in Altwies together with Clement, Miguel and Carlo. Thanks for the great show.

Jun 21

Crew for Luxembourg Balloon Trophy

join our team for a competition! We searching for one crew member for the Luxembourg Balloon Trophy from 20.07.-24.07.2016.

Are you interested? Than send us a e-mail

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